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Whatever your hardwood project is, our waney edge timber and beams will help you achieve a striking look. Available across Shropshire and the surrounding areas.

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Waney edge oak beams


Whether you work in the construction trade or are tackling some DIY projects at home, you need the best quality beams in order to make your work a success. We are a traditional and professional sawmill and timber merchant, and we oversee all aspects of the preparation of timber and beams for buildings. The quality of our timber is beyond question. Every beam is rigorously checked to ensure it meets our standards.

We're specialists in oak timber, and can advise you on the best choices for your project. We pride ourselves on our excellent service, and will provide beams cut to your specifications. Contact Andrew on 07885 729416 for more information. We are the leading suppliers in Swansea and South Wales.

In addition to providing oak beams for your construction work, we are also expert joiners. We provide great quality joinery services to customers across Shropshire.

Products we supply:

  • Table tops

  • Coffee tables

  • Furniture boards

  • Beams for buildings

  • Fire mantles

  • River table blanks


If you're keen to get creative with building furniture, we are a leading supplier of waney edge timber. It's great for a variety of applications including fire mantles and furniture boards, and is particularly popular for building river tables. These striking table designs feature two wooden blanks with a "river" running through the middle, often made of resin or glass.


If you're constructing a bespoke river table, whether it's for yourself, as a gift for a loved one, or to sell commercially, there's no limit to your creativity - with resin rivers you can add colourings, glitter, dried flowers, pebbles, or figurines. A river table is the ideal project if you want to explore your creative side, and they can range from small coffee tables up to more ambitious dining table designs.


Border Hardwood Ltd can help you choose the ideal waney edge pieces for your project, whether you're experienced with building river tables or are trying it for the first time. Simply let us know the sizes you require and we'll help you find the perfect timber pieces for your design. To get started on your timber project, contact us today for more information.

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